Special Iftar and Sehar Deals In Lahore Pakistan

Greetings to all Muslims on Holy Ramadan Kareem.

Ramadan is a special month for Muslims and they respect this month, keep fasts, offer prayers and recite Quran-E-Pak (Islamic Holy Book). People love to do very early morning breakfast (before Fajar Prayer) called Sehar and don’t eat or drink whole day and allow to eat or drink just (before Maghrib Prayer) called Iftar. Many people love to go outside for Sehar and Iftar and enjoy the best tastes from restaurants in Pakistan.



Sehar is very early breakfast time in Ramadan people eat healthy dishes to maintain their whole day because keeping Fast they can’t eat or drink anything so they love healthy meals. People of every age love Ramadan and they have energy in them to complete the law of Islam. We see younger kids with the age of 7+ years they have Sehar and try to complete their Fasts. People love to visit restaurants for Sehar purpose, they reserve their table their have some family fun and enjoy their Sehar. Mostly restaurants provide reservations facility and some restaurants not. Options Restaurant provides oncall and online reservation for Sehar in Lahore and Faisalabad. After Sehar people love to recite the Holy Quran and love to offer prayers at fix time.


After having fast all day when time comes of Iftar people do special cooking, make healthy and tasty meals, Shakes and much more. Ladies at home make special dishes for their families. Ladies enjoy their cooking in kitchens, kids want to eat their favorite foods in Iftar and ask to their moms to cook their favorite dishes. Most of the people visit their local restaurants for Iftar and for Iftar parties, People reserve their tables and their desired dishes they want to eat in Iftar from restaurant’s special ramadan menus. Restaurants owners respects about favorite dishes and tastes. Some restaurants add foreign tastes in their menus and people loved these too. Options Restaurant add Abe-Zam Zam and special Dates in their Iftar menu.

Best Restaurant in Lahore:

There are about 105 restaurants in Lahore providing Iftar Deals, we are listed below one of the best Iftar and Sehar deal in detail:

Options Restaurant:

Booking and Reservation for Iftar and Sehar

Lahore: 042-35941909, 0334-1404444

Faisalabad: 041-8714909, 0331-6888989




As Options Restaurant is the best restaurant in Lahore. We wish you and your families a blessed Ramadan 2016 and pray for your best! In return we would want the same for us so we keep serving you at our best with the best to eat in your city.

Happy Eating,

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